Now Faith Is…

Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

The believer in the earth must live by faith. All that God does for us… the things He has said… all of His promises come by faith. Faith was in operation before the fall of mankind. When Adam disobeyed God, he took all of mankind into the carnal state, the worldly state, the state of the five senses. After Jesus died for the sins of the world, and made the way for mankind to come back to God, the only way for man to return to the God who created him, he had to return to a life of faith. Now, the only way to come to God is to come to Him in faith. You must believe in Him and you must believe His word.  [Read more…]


From this time forward we will live the word or live in the word in the earth. Everything we do we do by the word of God. We walk by the word. We talk by the word. We experience the word. In all things, we will live by the word. Thus we demonstrate the life of the Kingdom of God on the earth. There is life in the word. There is another life in the word. It is not like this life in the earth. All this time we never knew how much the word of God had to do with our lives on this earth. [Read more…]


God has directed His people to get in the word. He wants us to meditate in the word day and night. He wants us to let the word be like frontlets on our eyes. In the word is all we need, all that we would ever want to live in this earth. In other words, you want for nothing, if you are in the word every day. You lack nothing, if you live in the word of God. All your needs will be met. You would have total supply. And, most of all, you will be able to do what God has ordained for you to do. As you focus on being in the word, what is in the word will come to you, will be multiplied to you. The only limitation would be your faith, what you believe. [Read more…]

If we keep God’s testimonies, They will keep us

They will keep us right in opinion, comfortable in spirit, holy in conversation, and hopeful in expectation. If they were ever worth having, and no thoughtful person will question that, then they are worth keeping; their designed effect does not come through a temporary seizure of them, but by a persevering keeping of them: “in keeping of them there is great reward.” [Read more…]

I Surrender All

Some of us do not need a reminder of what Jesus went through in this life. From the first time we read it to now it is just as fresh to us. It stays with us, on our minds, as we travel along this journey. It is with us in our ups and downs; we are always reminded of what our Lord went through. He was God and He is God, yet He put on flesh and blood for us. He chose to live in this earth, to set an example for us, to show us how He wanted us to live and be successful in this life. [Read more…]


The life we have/live now is God’s life, the life of God. This is the life that He wanted us to have since before Adam fail. This is the life that God wants us to live in the earth by faith. Not the carnal life, not the worldly life, but the life of faith. Adam lost this life when he fell to the Devil and to his way of living, but you can live this life through the faith that is within you.  [Read more…]


You are not what and who this carnal world has made you. You are more than that. You are a special creation of God living in this earth. Mankind did not know the awful state that he was in. He had lived for so long in a fallen state, in a carnal state, that he never knew that he was a created being. He never knew that he was created by God. He never knew that he had the life of God in him. He never knew that he was like his father God and that the seed of heaven was planted within him. [Read more…]


 A new beginning… born again… a new day… living in a new kingdom by faith… living a new way of life… all based on the word of God. In other words, your life is based on the word of God now.

God has worked long and hard to get His life and His word into the earth into His people/creation. Everything you do now, everything that comes to you, all that you have… all that you are, is based on the word of God… and comes out of the word. And for those who do not know, the Word is God or God is His Word.

You will find that in the Kingdom of God, you want for nothing. Like Adam, before the fall, he had everything he needed to live on this earth. In the Kingdom of God you will have all of your needs met by faith. You walk by faith in the will and in the word of God. [Read more…]