From this time forward we will live the word or live in the word in the earth. Everything we do we do by the word of God. We walk by the word. We talk by the word. We experience the word. In all things, we will live by the word. Thus we demonstrate the life of the Kingdom of God on the earth. There is life in the word. There is another life in the word. It is not like this life in the earth. All this time we never knew how much the word of God had to do with our lives on this earth.  But it has a lot to do with our lives and the things that we do. God wants His life lived out in the earth. He wants us to live on the earth as He lives in heaven. And the only way we can do this is to know the word, think the word and act the word in everything we do. This is so that it can be said, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Since we have been born again, this is the life God wants us to live by faith. We are to start now and began to study to know the word and how the word is leading us to live.

When Adam failed, he fail into a carnal life, a carnal world, a carnal way of living. It was not the same life that God was living. Now since we have been born again, we have been born into the life that God wanted for us to live all the time. Every Christian has been born into this life. We have this life within us. This is why we can do what God has said that we can do in His word. This is why we are who God says that we are in His word. But we have God to tap into this life and live it every day. Thus, we give expression to the life of God in the earth.

Now it is up to us to by faith find this life in the word and meditate it and then get it into our spirits to bring it into manifestation in the earth. We bring it into manifestation by our faith and by the word coming out of our mouth… our spirit.

Whatever the word says you can do, you can do. Whatever the word says you have, you have. Whatever the word says you are, you are. Believe the word and bring expression of the word into the earth by faith.