God has directed His people to get in the word. He wants us to meditate in the word day and night. He wants us to let the word be like frontlets on our eyes. In the word is all we need, all that we would ever want to live in this earth. In other words, you want for nothing, if you are in the word every day. You lack nothing, if you live in the word of God. All your needs will be met. You would have total supply. And, most of all, you will be able to do what God has ordained for you to do. As you focus on being in the word, what is in the word will come to you, will be multiplied to you. The only limitation would be your faith, what you believe.

There is life in the word of God, a whole new way of living. This life, this way of living, comes out of the word of God into those who dare abide in the word. This life is from the Kingdom of Heaven. This life will be in you and will come out from you as you go about the things that you must do on the earth. You talk about having joy, peace, power, the ability to do and to be, and being able to accomplish the will of God in the earth. That ability is now in you and you are in that ability. It becomes your life now. It is where you live now. It is what you have to carry out the plans of God for your life in the earth. And, it is limitless… there is no end to the supply of life you are in and that is available to you.

As new creations of God in the earth we are returning to the life ordained for us. This is the life that God wanted us to live in all the time. Had it not been for Adam’s fall we would have lived this life. This is the overcoming life. This is the life filled with the power of God. This is the life that has the same life that God has. God wants you to have this life. He wants you to live this life and to be an expression of this life in the earth. And, you can, if you will.

There must be a total surrender to this life. This life must be active (at work) in all you say and do. You must give yourself totally to this life and let God have His way in you and through you in all things. And when you do, you spread the Kingdom of God throughout the earth. Light will come. Blessing will grow in your midst. You will be blessed and the people around you will be blessed also.

Just as there is life in the seed, there is life in the word of God. Your life, new life, is in the word. Your new life is in the word of God. Your life is in the word now! Things will go well with you and for you according to the word that is within you. Healing, joy, peace, strength, etc., everything pertaining to life is in the word. You live to manifest that life in the earth. God wants you to manifest that life in the earth now.

Mankind (woman and man) is a personification of the word. Mankind is to be an example of the life (Spirit) of God that is in the word. As you yield to the word and live the word in your day-to-day life, God will be manifested through you. Your ability and power comes from the word within you. Your strength to do comes from the life of the word within you. You no longer walk by the old life you use to walk in but by the new life that you walk in by faith. This is why you have to meditate the word day and night. You need to know the word and the more word you know the more you are able to do for the glory of God.

Turn the old life a loose. Let it go! Turn the old ways a loose. Let go of the old ways for the ways of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. Bring the new life, the Kingdom of Heaven’s life, into the earth right where you are. Let people see it working in you and then they will want it. Your words will show them how and what to do. The Spirit will be in you to show you the way, to guide you in all that you do for God and His Kingdom. Walk in the Spirit; be led by the Spirit; stay yielded to the Spirit and live out of your spirit.  Glorify God in all you do.