From this time forward we will live the word or live in the word in the earth. Everything we do we do by the word of God. We walk by the word. We talk by the word. We experience the word. In all things, we will live by the word. Thus we demonstrate the life of the Kingdom of God on the earth. There is life in the word. There is another life in the word. It is not like this life in the earth. All this time we never knew how much the word of God had to do with our lives on this earth. [Read more…]


It is time for the saints of God to put into practice, to live out in their day to day life, the reality of kingdom living.  This can only be done through kingdom consciousness.  Kingdom consciousness is simply stepping up by faith into the kingdom of God, entering His presence.  It is not something that happens physically but is a conscious experience based on your decision to use your faith to believe that you are in the presence of God and you keep the word of God.  [Read more…]