You are not what and who this carnal world has made you. You are more than that. You are a special creation of God living in this earth. Mankind did not know the awful state that he was in. He had lived for so long in a fallen state, in a carnal state, that he never knew that he was a created being. He never knew that he was created by God. He never knew that he had the life of God in him. He never knew that he was like his father God and that the seed of heaven was planted within him.

Unfortunately, all he knew was the experience of this natural, carnal, world. Adam’s fall took mankind into a life of carnality and worldliness. But we were special creations of God. God made us in His image. He created us in His likeness. And our job in the earth was and is to be like our Father God and to fulfill His will in this earth. We are not to do what we want to do in life. We do not have the luxury to be what we want to be. We are programmed, if I can put it that way, with the life of the Kingdom of God in us; and we are to live out His life in the earth and live out His will for our lives. We are an expression of heaven on the earth. We are to leave this carnal life and return to life in God and live God’s life everyday… everyday!

God sent His Son into the earth to make the way for His creation to come out of the fallen state that they were in. He sent His Son to not only save us but to live the life in the earth that He wanted His people to live. Jesus the Christ demonstrated the life of the Kingdom of God on earth, showing us that we can live God’s life in the earth too.

Jesus the Christ, our Saviour is alive in us today. He came to save us. He came to give us new life. We are not to go on living the same way that we have been living, for we are saved from the old life and the worldly life. We are saved from the carnal life. We are to live in Christ in God by faith in this world. This is how we were created to live.