I Surrender All

Some of us do not need a reminder of what Jesus went through in this life. From the first time we read it to now it is just as fresh to us. It stays with us, on our minds, as we travel along this journey. It is with us in our ups and downs; we are always reminded of what our Lord went through. He was God and He is God, yet He put on flesh and blood for us. He chose to live in this earth, to set an example for us, to show us how He wanted us to live and be successful in this life.

Yet, He did not submit to the life of carnality. He did not yield to the flesh. He lived out of His spirit, His Holy Spirit, the life that He ordained for us to live. In other words, He demonstrated how He wanted us to live in the earth. He was our example, and He created us to be like Him. He created the life we have and live today.

He created all that you see and do not see. It is His life we have within us. It is His life that we are living by faith. That part of Him that make Him who He is, that guides Him in all things… that knows all things… that doeth all things… the Holy Spirit… is in us, passing into us the life of the Kingdom of God the Kingdom of Heaven. This is why this time is so special. This is why we should never forget all that He went through. He did it for us. He did it to bring us back to the place where He created us before the foundation of the world. And if we would walk in this life, the life that He provided; if we would live this life by His faith, we will enter His world, and be blessed by His life, the life ordained for us.

Jesus the Christ lived a surrendered life… a yielded life… a life totally given over to the will of the Father in all things. For that, He inherited all things. All the things of God were made part of His life. He was blessed. We know now that He was truly blessed.

How do you receive heaven’s reality in this life? How is the Kingdom of Heaven made real to you? You surrender all. You give your complete life to God. You empty yourself of this life.

The world will not understand. Many in the church will not understand. You will feel so alone. But you stay focus! Your goal… your aim is to please the Lord… to give to Him your all… to satisfy Him in all things.

To do this, you must make a full surrender to God. Find in the scriptures what He wants of you and then give to Him what He wants. Make a complete surrender to Him and His word. Give God your all.

When we read throughout the Bible, what is the thing that we see from the lives of those who God used greatly to carry out His will out in the earth? What is it that captures your attention and placed a demand on you as you sought to do the will of God? What characteristic kept showing up as you studied the lives of those who God used to do His will in the earth? The answer is a surrendered life, a life totally given to God.

Throughout the Bible we see examples of those who were used greatly by God. They surrendered their all. They obeyed God in all things. And, it was through their obedience that God was able to pass through them into the earth His will for the time, and ultimately the reality of heaven on the earth.

We have got to surrender our all to God. Jesus surrendered His all to God. To live in this earth, to do the will of God like Jesus, to represent God in this life like Jesus did, you must yield or give your all to God that the Spirit of God, the one that does the work, may work through you. He will use you for His glory. This is how things are done in the Kingdom of God. The Spirit of God does the work.

You empty yourself. You surrender your all to God. You let go of self and the world, and believe that the Spirit of God will do the work in you and through you by faith; for after all it is the life of God, the power of God, the anointing of God, the Spirit of God that will flow through you. You become an instrument in the hands of God. But you must let go in total surrender.

Are you at the place where you are wiling to surrender your all to God? Will you die… give your all so that God can live in the earth? Will you surrender all that the life of God, the plan of God can come forth in the earth? Are you ready to be an instrument in the hands of the Holy Spirit and yield to Him that He may carry out the work that He is ordained to do?

Great good is going to come from a surrendered life, a life given up for the Master’s will. Not only that, but for the purpose of God, that His life may come into the earth, a life passing into you from heaven all that God wants in the earth.

What a great realty! This is so revealing. But it is the life that God wants us to live. It is the life that Jesus lived. This is the overcoming life. This is the life of heaven on the earth.