Very few Believers today are getting their needs met. And it is because they are not using the word of God as it is intended. Many are treating the word of God as if it is only a book to read. They fell to see God in the book. They do not know that the Holy Spirit is also working in the book. Thus they miss out on what God is seeking to do in their lives. They do not realize what God is seeking to bring to pass.

I want to pass something in to you today. This will bring about a change in your life. The word of God, the Holy Bible, will meet every need that you might have. As you go about doing God’s will, He has made sure that you have everything you need to carry out His plans for the earth. You will never lack anything that you need to get the job done. He has seen to it that you have all that you need. It is all in the word.

Being born again is just that. You are born again with what you need to carry out His will for your life. There is no lack. You do not come up short. You have what you need to do all that God wants you to do. He wants it so that as it is in heaven, it is in the earth. There is only one stipulation: All must be done in faith. You have to believe the word and you have to believe Him. (Really, He is His word.) This will take you up into the spirit realm and you will be able to accomplish His goals.

I am seeking to leave you focused. I am seeking to awake you to what you have. Every need is supplied through the word. Search the scriptures and see for yourself. This leaves you focused on His will for your life. In other words, you are focused on doing His will regarding bringing to pass His will in the earth. Your prayers of faith; your binding the strong man; your casting out the forces of evil; your taking back ground; all that God reveals to you to do will help in taking this ground back for the glory of God.