May 23, 2019

Remember the woman that Jesus talked about in the Bible (Luke 18) who pleaded before the judge regarding her adversary? Her attitude was: I will not quit until I get what I came here for. My cause is right and the law confirms it. I will be here tomorrow and the next day, and the day after. I will give you no rest until my petition is granted. I will come each day until I get what I have asked for. Did she get what she was there for? Yes. Why? Because she was determined. She was like Jacob when he wrestled with the angel at the brook of Jabbok. He said to the angel, “I will not let you go except thou bless me”. Christians today who are getting their prayers answered, who are enjoying all the blessings found in God’s word are doing so for three reasons. First, they know that God is real and His word is true. Second, they are determined. And third, they know certain key things pertaining to this spiritual life: They know what they want. They know it is promised in the word of God. They know they have met the conditions of it being received. They know God is a good God. They know God does not lie. They refuse all temptations to stop believing. They are determined – fully persuaded – that God will answer them. And, they take home what they came for. Like Abraham, after they patiently endure, they obtain the promise.