Obey God

There are a few of us who dare knowingly enter the world of God. I am not writing this as if we all do not know about God’s world, but so few of us have made up our minds to by faith enter and live in the world of God. Many are not sure… there is a little hesitancy… so they draw back from what they know to do and never get to being what they were created to be.

Can I say something to you? Your life does not belong to you. You did not create yourself. God created you. And, you are here in the earth to do the will of God. You are here to serve Him and to be the vessel that He wants you to be. Does the Sun do what it wants to do? Does the Moon do what it wants to do? Do the stars do what they want to do? No. They are creations of God. They do what God design them to do. And, the reason why they last so long is because they fulfill God’s purpose for creating them. In other words, they do what they were created to do. This is what you have got to get into your mind and heart. You must do what you have been created to do. You must let come from you all that God created to come from you. In other words, find your purpose. Find out what you are to be doing and then… do that.

Never forget this: you have entered the world of God now, the Kingdom of Heaven. You belong to God. You came out of God. Your life has been given over to Him. You are to do His will in the earth. You let what He put into you come out of you. And when you do, you will fulfill your purpose. You will be in His will. And, your life will never be the same.

God’s promise to those who enter His world that if they obey His word, length of days and long life and peace will the word add to them. Let me say that through a question. What gives you length of days, long life and peace? Answer: The word of God and obedience to the word of God. What so put you in harmony with the will of God that you will have length of days, long life and peace? Answer: the word of God. Your attitude concerning the word of God will make a difference in the longevity of your life here on the earth. Your attitude regarding the word of God adds life to you and gives you peace. God’s life is in His word. And, God wants that life to be in you… to be your life.