Through Christ, through His death and resurrection,  God has His creation back and those who believe on Jesus the Christ have  returned to life in the Kingdom  of God by faith. This is an overwhelming thought and reality. This is something that we have got to meditate on, to get it down into our born again spirits.  And then we must live with this reality every day. We must make it part of our life style. Nothing we do or say should take place without our  knowing that this is operating in us… and… through us. It is our new life now.

This reality becomes our joy, our victory in everything that we do; and, it becomes our goal to see that what we do in the earth looks like what is being done in heaven. And you will know by the Spirit  that it is being made part of your born again life everyday.

Today, we come to the place where we  witness the reality of the word taking place. We want to see with our eyes  God’s word becoming flesh or manifesting in us. How does one see the change, in  other words? How does the manifestation of the word take place? How do you  receive a word from God and watch it become life or flesh within you? It is  more than just hearing the word. How do you get what is in the word to become a  part of your new life?

Paul tells us to present our bodies as  living sacrifices. You do that by v2 … not conforming to this world but by being transformed or changed by the renewing of [your] mind. When a person  renews his/her mind, change comes to their life. They, by faith, give  themselves to the word: that is the key; and when they stand in faith, when  they believe the word, the word of God changes to substance by faith and take  on the form of the very thing that they need or is asking for in prayer.

Paul is writing to the saints, “…be not conformed  to this world but be transformed or changed from the world’s way, the carnal  way, the ways of the flesh, by the renewing of your mind (your thought life).  He means, bring your thinking in line with the word of God. What you hold on  your mind or in your mind in faith must line up with the words of God.

If you want to change the situations, then change  the way you think by changing the word(s) in your mind. Get the word of God in  your mind; believe it by faith; and what you hold in your heart and in your  mind by faith it will come to pass… it will take form in your life. By faith,  it will become life (a reality) within you; or it will become substance in your  life.

Those who are in Christ… who have new life now… who  have the life of God, the life of the Kingdom of heaven are to be governed by  the word(s) that come from God. Your thinking… your thoughts… come from God and  is based on the word of God. This is what transforms you. This is what changes  you. This is what changes your life and it changes what you go through.

God is being revealed or manifested in the earth  through you. People can see the manifestation of God… or they can see the  reality of God and His word through you. The word becomes the very thing that  you need for the hour.

The word turns into substance through faith, the  very thing needed or that you are looking for in your Born Again life. The word  creates in you according to the will of God. And the more word you get into you  the more it creates in you the life of God and the things of the Kingdom of  heaven.

The word is God. You will have what it says by  faith. God will build into you, through His word, His life, His wellness, His  power or ability, His strength and all that He is, through His word. You can  have what the word declares. Rom 10:8, 10 “But what saith it? The word is nigh  thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we  preach; 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the  mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

God wants you to experience  answers to your prayers.  He wants you to  have in the natural what you are holding in faith.  Not only that, but think about it: if faith  is the “substance” and if faith is “evidence”, then  according to the word of God, you already have your prayers answered.  God will heal your body. God has your breakthrough. He will turn  around your troubles. There will be a bright side for you. And one day, there  will be a better place, an eternal place, waiting for you, where there will be  no more sufferings, no more trials, no more tribulations, no more going  through.

All you need do is to keep your faith, and having done all stand  and be strong in the Lord, in the power of His might; and in the power of His  word. For your God will be with you as you walk through the dark valleys of  life and see you to the other side.